In the car park to the Noichi Zoological Park, you will find an unusual building. The structure may be mistaken for a shelter over the car park, but it has another function all together. It is called a solar bio shell. The solar bio shell is a large solar cell in the shape of a shell used to convert sunlight into electrical energy.
The human race uses energy from a variety of resources and converts this energy into electricity, something we would find hard to live without in the present day. However, this electricity generally comes at the price of harming our natural environment. Solar energy on the other hand, enables us to convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity without consuming the earth’s limited natural resources and without releasing harmful substances with the potential to harm the natural environment.
Although zoos today generally advocate the concept of preserving the natural environment, our solar bio shell, created in the image of an ancient ocean viewed from the sun back when earth was created, symbolizes our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations from a broad perspective including the sustainability of our energy resources.

QTVR panoramas
A panorama of the Noichi Zoological Park car park.
From this panorama, you can see the solar bio shell and windmills used to generate power. The homes for our animals are situated just below the car park. Use your mouse to pan up, down, left and right across the panorama.
Near the entrance to the car park you will notice the mouse pointer changes into the shape of a finger. Click your mouse and see what happens…