A Zoo is a sanctuary which never fails to provide a sense of peace and harmony. Seeing animals in their natural state helps us to revert back to our purest form and offers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of subtle expressions and behaviors of the animals in their natural environment. This experience marks the beginning of a wonderful encounter that one day will surely help to form a connection between us and the animals with which we share our existence.



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Opening Hours
9:30am - 5:00pm (no admission after 4:00pm)
Admission Prices
Adults: 470 yen *Children under 18/high school students: Free admission
Groups (20 or more paying adults): 370 yen (20% discount)
Annual Pass (1,570 yen)
Rentals etc.
Strollers: 200 yen (available at entrance gate)
Wheelchairs (5 available): Free of charge (available at entrance gate)
Coin Lockers: 200 yen (available at entrance gate)
Binoculars: Free of charge (available at the animal science museum) * Binoculars for children of elementary school age or under can be provided to a parental guardian.
Free of charge (Car park capacity: Passenger cars: 300, Buses: 10)
Monday (the following day when Monday coincides with a national holiday)
Year End and New Year Period (December 29 - January 01)
Some general rules
  • Do not enter fenced off areas or other areas indicating that entry is prohibited.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Pets are not permitted onto the zoo grounds.
    *Please contact the zoo in advance when entering with assistance dogs.
  • Please refrain from playing with balls and frisbees etc. or other loud equipment such as loudspeakers or whistles within the zoo grounds.
  • Food and drink may be brought onto the zoo grounds however cannot be consumed in buildings on the premises. Please refrain from bringing alcoholic beverages onto the zoo grounds.
  • With the exception of designated smoking areas (3 designated smoking areas), smoking is prohibited on the zoo grounds.
  • Help us keep the zoo grounds clean. Please take away any rubbish you bring with you or dispose of it responsibly.
For your convenience
  • A parenting room is located inside the animal science museum.
  • Baby beds, chairs and universal toilet seats are available in all toilets.
  • Lost items can be collected at the front entrance gate or the animal science museum.
  • Please go to the front entrance gate or the animal science museum if you have lost a child or wish to put out a lost child announcement.
  • Food and refreshments are available at the zoo restaurant, "Racoon".
  • The gift shop, "Noichigo" stocks a large variety of gift ideas.
738 Otani, Noichi-cho, Konan-shi, Kochi
781-5233 Japan
Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture
Tel: 0887-56-3500
Fax: 0887-56-3723